Javier Gonzalez,

     Founder/Chair/Performing Artist


By partnering with organizations such as ASI, Scene Alive media, and supporting organizations like Mercury One charities and others who are directly involved in saving those who are persecuted for their faith, Live for One will raise funds that go towards bringing families of 5 out of the Middle East to safe countries where they can live their faith in liberty, dignity and hope.

Eduardo Gonzalez, 

         Media Arts Director

Margaret, Anderson,

       Media Content/Special Projects

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Together, we can accomplish wonders

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The Needs of the Many... 

Paulette Jumalon,

     Creative Arts Director/Performing Artist

The mission of LiveFor1 is to use the performing and media arts to engage and activate communities for the sake of the gospel. We believe that by using our God-given talents, we can live for others, and by working together, we can accomplish wonders. Create for Life. Love by living. Serve by giving. 

Jill Walker Gonzalez,

     Media Content/Writer

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The Arabic letter shown in the picture to the left has become the universal symbol to identify those who follow the Nazarene. While some use this symbol to mark Christians for death, others use it as a symbol of courage, faith and community.  Together we can stand with our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East and say, "I follow the Nazarene." 

When you choose to live for another, you choose to put love into action. Many will be given the opportunity to live lives that will, in part, touch others because we chose to live for them. For in love there is redemption and restoration. We can be that love for others.
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Out of all the recent stories of Middle Easterners seeking refuge in the West, the tragic stories of those persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ go largely untold. Hundreds of thousands of these people in the Middle East, our brothers and sisters, have already been killed because of their identity as Christians, or as they have become known, followers of the Nazarene. In addition to these persecuted Christians, we have also seen the persecution of many muslims simply because they do not follow a more extreme form of their faith. 

As we become aware of the
situation of the persecuted, our faith in Jesus Christ prompts us to do more
than just pray. We must take action. To live for nothing isn't an option. We must choose to live for something. We choose to live for the One; we choose to live for others. You can join us by helping save the lives of fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, and children. The cost of saving a family of five is estimated at around $20,000. To learn more about how you can help, see below.

+1.3018064059 • save@livefor1.com